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Takanawa Gateway St.
Narita Airport Narita Airport Haneda Airport Haneda Airport
Takanawa Gateway St.
Haneda Airport Haneda Airport Shinagawa Shibuya Shinjuku Tokyo

This city is a transportation hub that connects,
the past with the future,
Japan with the world,
and all kinds of people.

In 2020, a new station will open at
this place,
which used to be the vibrant
gateway of EDO for centuries. 

Takanawa Gateway Station:

The city aims to create a true
international exchange hub
for innovative companies and
people with good prospects from all over the world.


“What is a true Global Gateway” A conversation between Seiichi Saito of Rhizomatiks ARCHITECTURE × Kei Wakabayashi of blkswn publishers

The development of the city of Shinagawa that professes to be a “Global Gateway.” On top of creating a “city that will continue for 100 years”, what does a global gateway really mean? Seiichi Saito, the director of Rhizomatiks, and Kei Wakabayashi from blkswn publishers will help unpack this.

  • This city is a birthplace of “beginnings”,
    where people and companies gather to create unimaginable value
    with a variety of functions to create business and culture
    under a system that manages these functions as one whole.

    This city is a birthplace of “beginnings”
  • The whole city works as an ECOSYSTEM of value creation.
    Seeds of business and culture that have emerged here are spread throughout the city and even outside,
    grow bigger at the hands of the people and companies in the city.

    Form an ECOSYSTEM of value creation

    Form an ECOSYSTEM of value creation

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